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LETTERS OF TRUTH is a series composed of 22 pieces representing the Hebrew alphabet. The artist successfully insinuates each letter from its emptiness side, turning the non-existence of the matter into a metaphor that outlines the letter, as if evoking its Divine origin.

 the collection 

When letters go beyond their semantic meaning and acquire a divine strength capable of changing worlds and doing good to humanity, they become “letters of truth”.

 the inspiration 

[ wood series ]

Guimel final madera.jpg

Gimel (Letters of Truth), 2018

treated pine wood over aluminium, 57x55 cm

logo LT (fondo blanco).jpg

[ white series ]

Alef final.jpg

Alef (Letters of Truth), 2018

PVC and lackered wood , 57x55 cm

Pe parcial.jpg

piece depth

Guimel parcial.jpg

piece depth

 the author - moisés bentata 

His work reflects constant thought revolving around the shape and outline of letters, focusing on the impact they cause on our thinking. Following much research and dedication to this field, he found inspiration in the uniqueness of Hebrew characters.


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